Tuesday, June 29, 2004

The Day Of The Death


Days here in London been easy. One thing I have wanted is to have a bit of the movie life. Drama, sex, drugs and violence. Well...seems that this summer I'm getting my share of it.

A month ago I got beaten up, mugged in other words. Today I walked past the death 5min before it unleashed its power. A guy was shot on the street in front of me, just 100m from where I live. It was movie style execution, car stopping in front a motorcycle. Two guys came out, 4 times this poor motorcycle fellow took a bullet and parted this world.

Seemed that the shooting was somehow gang related. Who knows. I'm shitting my pants anyway.

Saturday, June 19, 2004

Identity Is A New Concept


For any people to try to pin down their identity as though it is a captive butterfly is simply wrong: People are able to have more than one identity and the fact we're returning to trying to limit ourselves to one identity is a sign of a growing insecurity and uncertainty.

Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Mugging and a nightmare


Two weeks ago I was mugged. I was coming home from a bar, while I was approached by a pair guys, offering skunk. Me being drunk and tired said: "yeah, but not from you"...great...a mental note: next time keep your mouth shut and just walk away.

Also, the other day I think I ate something wrong. I collapsed for the whole night, day and the next day. Kinda spent the day in this weird world of sickness. But I feel like a different person now. Something growing inside...