Saturday, August 25, 2007

Beauty on two legs

Log + Visuals

Sometimes man gotta love his work. This morning I spend shooting footage from a Pump It Up DVD's dance rehearsals. It is an excercise / gym video produced my MoS. Well, basically I had the joy of shooting girls dancing sexy for the camera and shaking their booty's. Obviously I'm professional enough as well, so it was not all enjoyment, but hard work composing good looking images for editing.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Creativity 2.0

Academic + Business

Network Michael Krigsman writes in his blog about failures of enterprise 2.0 concept. However he most prominently points to the fact about the successfull ideas of user generated contents power and, for small business, the power of inexpensive long distant and instant communication. One can only marvel at the level of innovation, creativity, and commerce that has been engendered as a result.

I totally agree with Mr. Krigsman and actually use networked working methods, projects reaching distant places. Collective creativity, can bring unusual outcomes, and when kept under a certain theme, I believe the results are better. Good example is our Global Cool project where me and a photographer, Emmi Kaarna, have created photos around the Europe to be used for live visuals. This collective mind and ability to reach larger content is just beneficial. However, the "Creativity 2.0" is not possible without the tools to enable the communication. All respect to Skype.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Overworked, Underpayed


New YorkI am wondering about this rat race I'm living in. I am earning well enough to support myself, though relatively little to my London peers. Though money has not been the reason, rather the content of work. Currently I love what I do, but it makes me think is it worth it without any payment after 6 weeks of full on work. Am I underpayed? Yes, but the learning curve has been extremely beneficial and has opened many doors.

The New Seven Wonders Of The World

On 07/07/07 the below wonders from the past times were officially noted as the new seven wonders of the world. It is a contemporary attempt to create an alternative to historical lists of the Seven Wonders of the World.








PRYRAMIDS OF GIZA, EGYPT (Honorary member as the only remaining one of the original list)

Monday, August 13, 2007

Crossover of Senses II @ MoS

Performance + Visuals

On Sat we had the second instalment of Crossover of Senses's NEICO series. The week leading for the night was very busy and I have to admit that my production responsibilities were lacking a bit. In addition, the limited time forced me to get on mixing without proper planning and preparation. However, good note is that we were mentioned in a TimeOut feature about London's AV scene, along Addictive TV and VJ Anyone. Check it out here.

For the August night we had Ed Shaw aka VJ Movement. He is a resident of Godskitchen in Birmingham and VJ promoter of Global Gathering festival. Really cool dude and has awesome graphical VJ style. The style might not be the most interesting from storytelling point of view, but the changes and pulsating speed fits really well to a club environment. Myself did a couple of hours of using "Global Cool" visuals, though, as mentioned, was not prepared enough so personally wasn't a great set. Feedback was really good however, so seems that people enjoyed it.


Visuals: VJ Movement; VJ Hudson
Producers: Teppo Hudson & Evy Magoulas
Director / Editor: Teppo Hudson
Cinematography: Pedro La Fuente
Music: Alex Dolby - Psiko Garden

Monday, August 06, 2007

Bleeding Eye


Bloody eye Seriously, what the fuck? Last weekend was my last day behind the MoS bar. What a relief. The night went on with good amount of dance, some drinks and ended with a nice breakfast at 10 o'clock in the morning. Sunday was a rather surreal because of the lack of sleep, not different from the usual one though, and on Monday morning I wake up with a burning red eye?

However, there is a possible cause for the bleed. I have had some moments, full of weird out of this world experiences. Usually with high exhaustion, or toxication have passed away within the inner mind. Last night I fall a sleep and suddenly wake up with a hallucinogenic dream where a man hovering next to the bed is poking into my eye? Or it might just have been me poking myself. Hurts anyway.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Photo of the Month - Haze

Photo Blog


This signifies my July 2007, The busiest month ever. Lot of purple haze, due to the amount of work. But also flicking lights with performances. Most importantly there has finally been a light at the end of the long dark tunnel.