Monday, January 28, 2008

YouTube opens for mobile


Nokia PhoneYouTube is preparing mobile phone access to its whole video archive which means that those with latest phones will be able to watch millions of videos on their little screens. Beside that users will be able to upload, rate and share videos using their phone just like they normally do on the web site. You have to install special software YouTube for Mobile,

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

EMI challenge - finally a major wakes up

Thoughts + Business

Guy Hands has realised that the music industry's investments are not delivering much. And that it is a massive task to turnaround a institutional company like EMI. In his blognote, Gerd Leonhard sites the Digital Music News article:
EMI needs to be able to capitalize on A&R's creative output and respond to consumer trends rapidly, and on a global scale. This means that we will move from a regional business model to a global functional model in which the primary reporting lines are aligned to the functions and not to geographical location.

I think Guy Hands has shown his experience as venture capitalist and business leader by boldly going into an industry that has stagnated because of its unwillingness to adapt. Reasons for the stagnation are many I believe. Through my own experience, I would argue one of the reasons to be leaders who are very incapable of analysing and are living by the words "sex, drugs and rock ' roll".

Music is often seen as art. Well, it is when you just concentrate on the production. We have to remember that it becomes a business when the artists and labels want to get some income from it. At that point, you HAVE to be to able realise changes and adapt to the fast changing business environment.

Guy Hands is actually doing this. I give my praise to him as he seems to be one of the few ones with enough balls to change a music major. Many in the music industry talk about EMI sinking, but I beg them to explain why. If I would be an artist, I would definitely stay. Finally EMI is awake.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Assasination of Jesse James

Art Review

Jesse James Oh boy, what can I say. Went to see the lenghty titled film The Assanination of Jesse James by coward Robert Ford. This 2,5 hour film was rather uneasy to watch.

I think this review on IMDB site says it really well: Director Andrew Dominik has great control of the picture but when the film went into the editing room the film underwent some problems. The film never keeps the momentum to be an amazing picture. The viewer is connected for the first 15 minutes, then bored for 10, then enchanted for 45, bored for 15, then comes the anticipated climax and you think its over, then it goes on for another half hour. Dominik gives the audience the best understanding of Jesse James possible so we can become better acquainted with him but brings in an slew of different characters that, to be perfectly honest, I don't care that much about. I believe this might be a example of over character development where we get all the aspects of his life but all we want is Jesse.

So true. I would not give any honors for the editing. However, acting on screen and cinematography were brilliant.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Human Web videos go online

Travel + Business

Human Web project has published promo videos online and are having negotiations of broadcasting a series made out of the trips. Looks really good and I'm proud to be part of this. Please go check out all the clips and support the cause. The Human Web aims to interact with cultures - assimilating them, reacting to them - and finding a key in each and every one to share creativity and joy as opposed to confrontation. This purpose is truly enlighting.

Human Web video site

Human Web facebook

Saturday, January 12, 2008

The Future of Media



This is a very interesting video on the future of media, posted at Callan's blog. Some great thought behind it and some catchy graphics make it worth the six minutes of your life. Is it unrealistic? You tell me. Not sure about the logo right at the end though - conspiracy theory anyone? And somehow I feel Google has something to do with this clip.

Sunday, January 06, 2008

The best in 2007


My best edit in 2007
Subliminal Sessions...enjoy


Thursday, January 03, 2008

New Year at O2 Centre


NYE film crewHed Kandi show

New Year, we came, we saw and we conquered. Me and my love Jade were invited to the amazing and brand new O2 centre in London to document Hed Kandi's New Year's show. As you can see we are are becoming a formidable team able to cover and document the world of entertainment. Damn that photo shows it off nicely. We had good times, the countdown was remarkable and all the confetti blow up in the air. Feature to follow on this page. Thanks to Hed Kandi for the evening!

Oh yeah...also produced visual mixing for the night...