Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Next Step


Some might wonder the reasons behind this sudden change. Main one is the good ol' girls, but I'm happy to tell that more importantly I am to take the brave step onto the internet start-up world. Maybe a bit late now that the boom times of internet are over, but neverthless in times when my speciality of mixing audio and visual together is most needed.

Internet is full of videos and clips. Full of music. Full of artists promoting themselves using videos or vblogs. The problem is that most if this is so scattered and unprofessional that my spine shivers when watching these clips.

Therefore after careful consideration, I am most likely aiming to start focusing on developing this audio/visual content online and developed it into production business. Feature Films oneday.

Moreover, after reading Rudolf Arnheim's "Film As Art" (1932), it seems there are a lot of opportunities to take audio/visual content of TV and online towards art. Not saying that current films or TV is not art, just aiming to take it more towards meaningful visual interpretation and storytelling. With clever journalism, The Internet might prove to be a good platform for this purpose. Remember words City Vice TV!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Jaded Red Lips


Kiss, while your lips are still red
Miss, while you are not in my bed
Wish, to be there with
I believe

She will be loved

Beauty queen, mind sharp as a knife
Came and took over my life
After a night together, fooling around
We laughed and time stood still

So she will be loved

Sometimes time with you was a sad song
And one of us was a cheap conjurer
With all the pain that we’ve gone through
Mama I’ve been crying for you too long

So she will be loved

Why couldn’t you tell me the truth now
I can’t see you belonging to someone else
I’ve had you so many times
But somehow I want more

So she will be loved

If I am letting you down
It is because I want to lift you up
Now this city is making me crazy
And I need to get out

Still she will be loved...forever
I will not give up on you...Jade

Inspired and written while listening to Maroon 5.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Leaving London


LondonSo, it has happened. After just 2 months of planning, I left the amazing London. I am not sure if I will drag my ass back to the city, most likely will, or will I take another direction to lets say New York. I prefer the latter one to be honest. Or China sounds interesting as well, not least because of the economic development in Asia. 21th Century will belong to China.

However, 5 years in London were a ride I was looking for and I cannot be but thankful. In a retrospect, what did I learned from this city of eternal smoke? Like I have often said, I loved London because it has given me so much shit. I think the whole reason for London life versus the secure nest in the north, was to run away from the numbness that was crawling on me back in 2003. I needed to fall down to be able to pick myself again.

One major factor, of course, was the Arts Management course. Those years of studying, reading and debating about points of view completely overhauled most of my beliefs about creative process. However, outcome is an understanding that gives me ability to face and take on challenges. I learned how to use my personal strengths, and bravely went to use them in VJ and online TV industries.

Surely, living deep in South London was another main factor. Seeing a man shot 100m from your doorsteps, being mugged, your landlord attacking and running out of cash, finally forcing one to sneak into the nightlife London. The nightlife being the final stepping point into what I call my army training. How different it would have been in the north?

However, now it is time to move on. Final blow for this major step came from the one love. A person I could die for, Jade, as I cannot face London without her. No doubt time will heal the wounds, and maybe enable me to return, but not for a while, no. Still, even this fall on over love does teach the theme that Christopher Nolan directed Batman Begins revolves around:

"Mr Wayne, why do we fall? So that we learn to pick ourselves up again".

The discipline to focus myself in the last 2 years after graduation has enabled me to leave my mark into the London nightlife. These years crystalized many ideas, some of which I plan to execute next.

Below a photo of the great MoSTV team. Good times.

Friday, June 06, 2008

Ibiza Opening Fiesta


Check out this piece about my recent adventures in Mediterranean Ibiza. MoSTV went to check out the season opening at Space. What a fiesta and what a dancers. By the way, Fatboy Slim is an amazing DJ!