Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Weekend in Tbilisi


No, didn't go there for pleasure. Tbilisi, the capital of a former soviet nation of Georgia is not your typical holiday destination, especially in the winter time, though I've heard in summer its a rather pleasant destination for wine lovers. I ended up flying there for filming reasons, documenting Ministry of Sound setting up a party in Tbilisi.

Starting out first to Istanbul with tour manager and DJ Dom Chung, we flew to Istanbul to meet promoter Tanja, DJ Tony Devotion and dancers Maria and Carolina. After this small stopover it was a short 2h flight to Tbilisi. We were greeted by local organiser Jaba (The Hut as we called him) and drove to our hotel and to the bed late at 5am. Next morning early call for the venue set up and picking DJ Marc Hughes from the airport. We slowly started to get a picture waiting for us with red carpet entrance, press conferences and other massive promotional efforts. For me all this provided interesting topics for the documentary.

The Georgian hosts were very generous providing us all needed. Amazing amount of hospitality from people just now starting to recover from the collapse of the Soviet Union some 16 years ago. They were very proud of their nationality and showed great interest towards foreign views of Georgia. I saw much similarities to the recovery of Finland after the great recession in the early 90s.

In few weeks I'll have the feature edited and I'll try to get it uploaded up here. Meanwhile enjoy some photos here.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Human Web Project

Travel + Business

I've been part of a team of editors for last month to sort out 180 hours of footage shot in 2006. The project is titled Human Web Project . Twenty people committed to living together over a lengthy period of time. This pressurized intimacy brings their true natures to light.The Human Web aims to interact with cultures - assimilating them, reacting to them - and finding a key in each and every one to share creativity and joy as opposed to confrontation.

"Not all those who wander are lost"

Embracing nomadic life as our hunter-gatherer ancestors did. Hunting, through music, for what's best in our fast-changing world. The Human Web will gather live data to pass on to future generations, and share experience and knowledge with no other purpose than leaving smiles behind. Intended to open hearts and free people's minds from the poison of erroneous, preconceived, notions, while searching for the riches that thread, as a common denominator, the diversity of human cultures and beliefs.

The trip took Mama Joy, the 1959 bus, from Italy to Istanbul. Here is a little promo I edited for Istanbul leg. Visit the website and support the cause.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Crossover of Senses V @ MoS

Performance + Visuals

The fifth and final instalment of Crossover of Senses series is done. This marks the end of a 5 month project to create visuals at Ministry of Sound in 2007. We are discussing of the next year and seems that its going to happen. Overall the feedback has been very positive.

The November night was also 16th Birthday party for Ministry of sound, and you might guess the place was packed. I was VJing alone for the whole 7 hours. Can say that is heavy man...Glad that I had my love and live, the beautiful Jade next to me.

Thanks to all the 10.000 clubbers and VJs:
VJ Movement
VJ Bopa
VJ Supergas
VJ Shakinda
VJ Hudson

Visuals: VJ Hudson
Producer: Teppo Hudson
Director / Editor: Teppo Hudson

Monday, November 19, 2007

180 Degree Turn

Log + Business

ProfileJust a couple of months ago I wrote about becoming a freelancer. Well, I have to inform that this is not the case anymore, as Ministry of Sound TV offered a fulltime opportunity as a cameraman and editor. I will accept this, well actually already signed the contract, which will now take much of my time and priority. Bonus side is that this will fund my acts on fighting to get Crossover of Senses fly. On that note, things are developing well within the collective creation. Some great news coming up soon.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Crossover of Senses IV @ MoS

Performance + Visuals

The fourth instalment of Crossover of Senses series is done. We experienced some problems with the staging and ended up changing the rigging to face the balcony with 3 canvases. Did work well, so will stage the last one with the same design.

For the October night we had VJ Shakinda all the way from Belfast. Just week before his visuals were displayed at Gallery Yurijo and this time we had the pleasure to enjoy them with the best club sounds in the world. He is very much on the beat and takes ques live. Shakinda's technical knowledge was amazing, so all thumbs up for him. Though he had some rather raw violence pieces and some preaching which I personally think do not fit a club environment. Myself, I tried to be influenced on what he did and followed the line being very on the beat. Did ok.

Visuals: VJ Shakinda; VJ Hudson
Producer: Teppo Hudson
Director / Editor: Teppo Hudson
Music: Don Johnson Big Band - Get On a Mic

Monday, October 29, 2007

Tour Management in Manchester and Wales

In ManchesterClubbing and Galleries in this one. It has been a while since I've updated. Apoligies for that, though I've been busier and more content with my future than maybe ever in my life. First of all, its a little more than a month since I've become a freelancer and boy has that been a ride. Honestly, I would have never believed the amount of stress and pleasure is can bring, especially within the fast paced city of London. All good, and projects have been successfull. Especially I'm luckily been able to create even requests for my world. One is a collaboration with an interesting travel and culture editing for Human Web Project.

Beside that and normal edits for MoSTV, been tour managing in Wales and Manchester. Nice easy trips to represent Ministry of Sound in a clubnight. Boring and hell, though gets be back on the feeling of being on the road. It is just the best feeling. Wales event was in this little town called Ammanford, basically in the middle of nothing. Twin Peaks was not far away, especially when the club owner mentioned that the town had their first ever murder a week before. 24 year old girl was murdered!!

Last week was in a bit more urban city of Manchester, in club Pure. Boring night and I did end up sitting in the VIP sipping my Mojito the management did not even bother to buy for me. Bad organisation and way too young audience. Below are some photos. In addition a lot of galleries and a special Fat Boy Slim event. Latter one was fucking awesome.

Coming up an update from the Crossover of Senses IV, which saw some changes in the set up... Stay tuned.


Thursday, October 04, 2007

Pump It Up - Sneak Preview

Business + Visuals

Sexy ladies in this post. Been extremely busy with getting all sorted out with Live Visuals. While I do that, check a trailer for a director / editor project of mine. For the full feature go to Ministry of Sound TV and search for "pump it up".

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Crossover of Senses III @ MoS

Performance + Visuals

The third instalment of Crossover of Senses’s NEICO series is done. I've had a turmoiling month so it was pleasant to get my steams out with a bit of VJing. Especially I have to thank all the budding visual creators who have come out and generated interest to perform on the series. You all rock!

For the September night we had Anna Boberg aka VJ Bopa returning with her awesome visuals. I must say she is not titled as the world's foremost female VJ for nothing. Perfectly in beat, colourful and full of motion. Second slot was for Rodrigo Dutra aka VJ Supergas, who is a rising star from Brasil. Nice visuals, especially the dancing scenes from old films. Only thing is that sometimes beat matching was lacking a bit, though that might not have been his aim at all. Myself, I concentrated on closing the night with some dark, trippy visuals pulsating on the screen. I didn't even try to tell anything deep to the already fucked up audience.


Visuals: VJ Bopa; VJ Supergas; VJ Hudson
Producers: Teppo Hudson & Evy Magoulas
Director / Editor: Teppo Hudson
Music: Don Johnson Big Band - 24h

Band from TV


This is awesome. Television industry's superstars such as Hugh Laurie (House, Jeeves and Wooster - especially the latter one!), James Denton (Desperate Housewives), Greg Grunberg (Heroes), Bonnie Somerville (Cashmere Mafia), and Bob Guiney (The Bachelor) have formed a band. This group of amateur musicians call themselves a "Band From TV", and have become a phenomenon itself by storming download charts with their track "Minnie the Moocher".

What makes this so awesome is the fact that all the profit is going to different charities though Band From TV foundation and they genuinely have fun playing together. And it gives them such a joy to experience the recording studio set. Truly awesome example of the power of the music.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Viral World

Philosophy + Business

GorillaThe new Cadbury chocolate advert with the gorilla. It has created a turmoil within the advertising industry, many top level people saying that the advertisement future is changing. Might be true, and the interview with Laurence Green, the creative director of the company behind the Cadbury's Gorilla (Fallon London), made me think about the issue.

"...there is a product message in there too. In fact, the entire commercial is a product metaphor. "Chocolate is about joy and pleasure. For years Cadbury has told us that it was generous, through the glass and a half strap line. We thought, don't tell us how generous you are; show us. Don't tell us about joy; show us joy."

What is important in this quote is the last bit. Society is changing, and the media has to change with it. We are so bombarded with advertisements and choice that sometimes it feels that we are anymore free to do the choice between products. This leads to the fact that audience / consumers (which ever way you want to call them) do not want someone to tell them. They want someone to show them.

This is a television broadcast spot that actually feels like a viral. There’s something intrinsically wonderful about seeing this weird little bit of film unceremoniously crop up between Big Brother commercial breaks.

Brilliant, memorable, left-field way to engage people with a famous brand that needs no introduction and has traditionally suggested that the most important thing about chocolate is a glass and a half of milk. Respects my intelligence and is prepared to spend some of my ‘hard earned chocolate budget’ on giving me a laugh.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Thames Festival 2007

Art Review + London

Tall manI went down to the Thames to enjoy a sunny day at the annual Thames Festival, this time I was joined by lovely Jade. The festoval is a free event of performing arts and family entertainment, celebrating the river Thames. Nice effort but this time the whole Queens walk was just too full of tourist resembling whales. Nice, but not at all. Some photos of a performance by 'traditional' Japanese drum group, which somewhat build up a tension inside. Am I getting too seasoned to enjoy performances? Am I getting too cynical like those old film critics? Hope not, but this year Thames Festival didn't do it for me.

Couple of photos


Monday, September 17, 2007


Log + Business

ProfileI've decided to become a freelancer. Simple as that. I just love the freedom it gives and enjoy the challenge of takung responsibility of your income. Though if someone offers me a good salary income within the visual sphere I might consider it...

Monday, September 10, 2007

Pump It Up

Log + Architecture

Pump It UpWhat makes men fly? What makes girls fly? I would say sex, and for the latter one dance. And thats what my Sunday was all about. No, I did not spend it having sex all day or dancing, but more in the visual sense. I had the pleasure to shoot the Behind The Scenes of Pump It Up fitness DVD, to be released by Ministry of Sound. The Sunday 9th September was a, well different one, especially because of the location. On top of the gleaming City Hall of London

Waking up early 7am, I had a quick shower and breakfast. Then out the door heading towards the river Thames. After some of security checks, I finally was able take the gleaming lift up to the ninth floor of the City Hall. Must say, I'm already been admiring the building because of the architecture and the fact that it is very energy efficient. The building for example has sun panels on the roof, designed with the rest of the architechture.

Arriving at the set I was first greeted with MoS's Nicola and the choreographer Gareth Walker. Mr. Walker by the way is one of the top one in the UK and that did show, man. Like the director mentioned at the end, every single fitness routine went down on first take. I was impressed on the professionality of the whole cast and crew.

Mostly I concentrated on the gorgeous dancers Stephanie, Franky and Emma. My Behind the Scenes concentrated on the girls and I did try to follow the day from their point of view. Most of the work was done in couple of hours and then it as for the boring part of all film shoot. Waiting and waiting. This Behind the Scene shoot did end up being literally behind...tough one, but someone's gotta do it. Tomorrow I'm having another shoot in MoS, but that I cannot tell you about it right now. Its top secret.

Shots taken with mobilephone.

Pump It Up

Pump It Up

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Photo of the Month - Mojito

Photo Blog


So why Mojito? First of all this month has seen me muddling up too many mojitos, especially to one corporate client of Ministry, though it also reminds me of the last month properly behind MoS bars. In addition, the scenery of Barcelona beach is reminded by a very special guest visiting London.

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Why London Works

Business + London

LondonIn a recent column Ken Livingstone, the London Mayor, argued that London has now overtaken New York as the world's greatest centre of commerce. Before that, the extreme theory that the free market would solve all of London's problems had produced crisis after crisis - ranging from inner city riots to a transport system on the verge of collapse.

However, since London regained its own government seven years ago, the city has embarked on upon an entirely different course. Where competition is real and produces result it has the mayor's support. Where it fails and public sector leadership is necessary we have tried to provide that lead. Personally I agree with Ken Livingstone that London is becoming more enjoyable place to live, and the change has been huge in my 4 years here. Though I do question the comment that London has overtaken New York as the place of Commerce.

I think London still has a lot to work on balance within the employment sector. Currently the classifying between nation is massive and foreigners are still "foreigners". Same might be in New York, but still the city has more a "can do" attitude than a pumped up pill head in a rave. London has a pessimistic attitude on new businesses.

London's current success is in the public transport and in the finance sector. Public transport is very safe, efficient, relatively cheap and does give you the ability not to have a car. Result is an open city for pedestrians and not for the drivers. In comparison, LA lives within their cars and sometimes crashes into each others just to feel something. In London you definetely feel. On the other hand, massive finance sector produces massive profits as well, and this years bonuses are expected to be £14 billion, with 3000 bankers receiving more than £1 million in bonuses. That has a great windfall on the whole London as well.

The bottom line for the reason of London's success is the delicate balance between freedom and control. Up to a certain degree markets are totally free, but the London government will step in to balance to greedy attempts to reap anything of from the Londoners. Hopefully Ken Livingstone's legacy is the understanding of giving it back to the people, and how it will benefit the whole in a long run.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Beauty on two legs

Log + Visuals

Sometimes man gotta love his work. This morning I spend shooting footage from a Pump It Up DVD's dance rehearsals. It is an excercise / gym video produced my MoS. Well, basically I had the joy of shooting girls dancing sexy for the camera and shaking their booty's. Obviously I'm professional enough as well, so it was not all enjoyment, but hard work composing good looking images for editing.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Creativity 2.0

Academic + Business

Network Michael Krigsman writes in his blog about failures of enterprise 2.0 concept. However he most prominently points to the fact about the successfull ideas of user generated contents power and, for small business, the power of inexpensive long distant and instant communication. One can only marvel at the level of innovation, creativity, and commerce that has been engendered as a result.

I totally agree with Mr. Krigsman and actually use networked working methods, projects reaching distant places. Collective creativity, can bring unusual outcomes, and when kept under a certain theme, I believe the results are better. Good example is our Global Cool project where me and a photographer, Emmi Kaarna, have created photos around the Europe to be used for live visuals. This collective mind and ability to reach larger content is just beneficial. However, the "Creativity 2.0" is not possible without the tools to enable the communication. All respect to Skype.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Overworked, Underpayed


New YorkI am wondering about this rat race I'm living in. I am earning well enough to support myself, though relatively little to my London peers. Though money has not been the reason, rather the content of work. Currently I love what I do, but it makes me think is it worth it without any payment after 6 weeks of full on work. Am I underpayed? Yes, but the learning curve has been extremely beneficial and has opened many doors.

The New Seven Wonders Of The World

On 07/07/07 the below wonders from the past times were officially noted as the new seven wonders of the world. It is a contemporary attempt to create an alternative to historical lists of the Seven Wonders of the World.








PRYRAMIDS OF GIZA, EGYPT (Honorary member as the only remaining one of the original list)

Monday, August 13, 2007

Crossover of Senses II @ MoS

Performance + Visuals

On Sat we had the second instalment of Crossover of Senses's NEICO series. The week leading for the night was very busy and I have to admit that my production responsibilities were lacking a bit. In addition, the limited time forced me to get on mixing without proper planning and preparation. However, good note is that we were mentioned in a TimeOut feature about London's AV scene, along Addictive TV and VJ Anyone. Check it out here.

For the August night we had Ed Shaw aka VJ Movement. He is a resident of Godskitchen in Birmingham and VJ promoter of Global Gathering festival. Really cool dude and has awesome graphical VJ style. The style might not be the most interesting from storytelling point of view, but the changes and pulsating speed fits really well to a club environment. Myself did a couple of hours of using "Global Cool" visuals, though, as mentioned, was not prepared enough so personally wasn't a great set. Feedback was really good however, so seems that people enjoyed it.


Visuals: VJ Movement; VJ Hudson
Producers: Teppo Hudson & Evy Magoulas
Director / Editor: Teppo Hudson
Cinematography: Pedro La Fuente
Music: Alex Dolby - Psiko Garden

Monday, August 06, 2007

Bleeding Eye


Bloody eye Seriously, what the fuck? Last weekend was my last day behind the MoS bar. What a relief. The night went on with good amount of dance, some drinks and ended with a nice breakfast at 10 o'clock in the morning. Sunday was a rather surreal because of the lack of sleep, not different from the usual one though, and on Monday morning I wake up with a burning red eye?

However, there is a possible cause for the bleed. I have had some moments, full of weird out of this world experiences. Usually with high exhaustion, or toxication have passed away within the inner mind. Last night I fall a sleep and suddenly wake up with a hallucinogenic dream where a man hovering next to the bed is poking into my eye? Or it might just have been me poking myself. Hurts anyway.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Photo of the Month - Haze

Photo Blog


This signifies my July 2007, The busiest month ever. Lot of purple haze, due to the amount of work. But also flicking lights with performances. Most importantly there has finally been a light at the end of the long dark tunnel.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

On Dalí and Film

Art Review

DaliOh boy, have I worked on getting my ass to the exhibition Dali and Film at Tate Modern. Since its opening in early June, I have meant to go. But I managed finally, so was it worth the efforts? Dali, the first great self-promoter within the art circles and one of the master visionary. For me his greatest strenght is his belief that creation is just about getting rid of your limits.

I have been a Dali fan this reason, and his paintings reflect the limitless approach really well. However, even thought being aware of his films, such as Un chien andalou (1929) with Luis Buñuel, I never thought films were such an influence for Mr Dali. Also I was not aware of his efforts to break into Hollywood, using his signature surrealistic designs. In this sense the exhibition did a really good job.

Highlight was his only recently accomplished collaboration with Walt Disney, titled Destino (2003). Storyboarded by Disney studio artist John Hench and Dalí for eight months in late 1945 and 1946; however, financial concerns caused Disney to cease production. The Walt Disney Company, then Walt Disney Studios, was plagued by many financial woes in the World War II era. Hench compiled a short animation test of about 18 seconds in the hopes of rekindling Disney's interest in the project, but the production was no longer deemed financially viable and put on indefinite hiatus.

The importance of this piece for me was is the fact that I'm a huge Disney fan. His animations have been very forward thinking, and especially Fantasia (1940) was one of the first films to involve visualized music.

One must credit Dali with in passion and drive to use film as a medium for his visions. However, Dali's directorial efforts are not very high quality. His storytelling so very surreal that, limit in film technology made it impossible to fully realise the visions. I believe oil painting was the best media for surrealism at his time, though one must wonder what if Dali would have had the CG technology to create 3D animated moving worlds.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Minor Tones



To be honest, I think I'm more after the easy life than the little bohemian artist inside wants to be. I have nothing but good things to say about the people, though their current government is betraying the whole human kind for the sake of profits. That is beside the point however, as I wanted to talk about a situation that evolved last weekend in a lounge bar. A dude, dressed in an expensive suit, asks this from my friend.

"Where are you from?"
"Nice, very cool. I am from California, Los Angeles."
(I give away short laugh, for the obviously cocky manner he used)
"Why are you smiling like that? You must be jeaulous."

Right, just why the hell would he think I am jealous for him. California is great in many ways...really it is, and I would move there if the opportunity should provide me the chance. Or to be precise, I do have the chance all the time, though have chosen to take another direction than moving there right now. Actually I think I'm more jealous for the homeless ones living in Barcelona than for him living in LA.

So what I am trying to say is that, stop being so god damn simple minded. Life is not always about sunshine, money and girls (although most of the time it is...). And beside, repetition kills you. The cookie you eat everyday, will soon taste like dust. Sometimes I admire my dad for his favourite hobby:

Sitting beside the lake, alone and just thinking.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Crossover of Senses @ MoS

Performance + Visuals

On Sat we had the launch night of a monthly performance at Ministry of Sound. I seem to tie myself a lot with the famed club, which I don't mind actually. It has been my second home in London and when the club is rocking it is really good. For the Crossover of Senses, we created a platform for an audio-visual experience.

Each staging will see me, VJ Hudson, with a specially selected headline guest. For the July night we had Anna aka VJ Bopa. She is the top female VJ in the world and has nice glamourous graphical style, with a lot of references to the Scandinavian design style. For my own set, I used a lot of themes from the Global Cool performance a week earlier, though mixed it with "Live Your Dream" approach. "Be Cool and Live Your Dream".

My time is becoming increasingly limited, due to a nice new development with MoS. I'm doing more and more on the visual side of the club...I'm writing this from the MoS offices and got to get back to work. Later ya'll.


Visuals: VJ Bopa & VJ Hudson
Producers: Teppo Hudson & Evy Magoulas
Director / Editor: Teppo Hudson
Photography: Chester (Cut Creative) + Teppo Hudson
Music: Cedric Gervais feat. Caroline - Spirit In My Life

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Global Cool @ Ministry of Sound


I was commissioned to produce Live Visuals for DJ Pete Tong’s 'Wonderland' night on 07.07.07 in Ministry of Sound. If nothing else, at least the lucky seven was lined up for me. One of the major current debate is global warming and Ministry of Sound is the first dance brand addressing the clubbers, projected through a non-profit Global Cool. Therefore, I collaborated with Pete Tong in order get the punters to take action.

Aim of the visuals was to create a propaganda style moving imagery about the beauty of the planet. I used elements of video, photography, graphics with propaganda addressed using text layers. The content was rather easily created, coordinating photographers in the cities of Barcelona, London and New York. You can find a sample of the contents here.

Major challenge was the time limit. The commission came some 2 weeks before the night and was actually confirmed just 4 days before the stage time. That left me very little time to write narratives. The direction ended up being very improvised, with emphasis on content collection and punch line creation. Live editing was done on the spot.

However, the night was a success. I had fun, enjoyed my contribution for the good cause and visuals worked really well most of the time. Hopefully the Global Cool movement continues. There is only one thing that I am missing. Again, like on those hundreds of music gigs, I can't recall any concious moments of mixing. Am I doomed to lose the most amazing moments of my life?

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Global Cool Trailer


The video is a trailer sample of the performance "Global Cool". This is a project aimed to address clubbers about the dangers of Global Warming and will be performed in Ministry of Sound on 7/7/7. The performance is produced for DJ Pete Tong.


Producer: Teppo Hudson
Director / Editor: Teppo Hudson
Photography: Emmi Kaarna + Chester (Cut Creative) + Sam Javanrouh + Kathleen Connelly + National Geographics
Graphics: Various Sources
Music: Polaroid - So Damn Beautiful (amethyst mix) - from GU 10

Monday, July 02, 2007

Flames of Imagination


Do you know why we are interested about visual representations? My personal interest is in all kind of visualizations, which has developed through abstract visuals of music videos in my childhood. What I took away back then was a whole set of expectations about what an image could look like. That is what I miss in TV, and that's why I do what I do in arts. Basically, it is the idea of cinema that isn't driven by storytelling in the conventional sense.

I don't mind narrative; in fact. I love a good narrative, expecially a Hollywood technical quality. Anything is valid as long as you do it right. If the message that's being delivered makes me think, entertains me, makes me laugh or cry, gives me a place to forget, or whatever - then I'm interested.

With abstract visuals we are seeing things now that were unthinkable five years ago. I think this is because a wide audience is being introduced to audio-synchronised abstraction through their computers' music visuazation apps. To me it's common sense that people enjoy watching abstraction, and seeing an interaction between sound and image that isn't necessarily dictated by telling a story.

As displays become brighter, bigger, and flatter, the image becomes environmental, allowing the video to color a room's ambience rather than just deliver information. Today's media is undergoing a metamorphosis as new displays beg for beautiful picture to fill them. So we're now seeing companies offering footage of tropical fish aquariums and slideshows of impressionist paintings for all these HD screens. This market will demand new and fresher content, and VJs are the natural providers.

In a 2003 speech by William Gibson to Director's Guild of America's Digital Day says that cinema began when prehistoric people sat in circles around fire, looked into the flames, and told stories about what they saw. Resulting in a symbolic narrative triggered by the moving abstact flames:

The story of film begins around a fire, in darkness. Gathered around this fire are primates of a certain species, our ancestors, an animal distinguished by a peculiar ability to recognize patterns.
There is movement in the fire: embers glow and crawl on charcoal. Fire looks like nothing else. It generates light in darkness. It moves. It is alive.

They see the faces of wolves and of their own dead in the flames. They crouch, watching the fire, watching its constant, unpredictable movements, and someone is telling a story. In the watching of the fire and the telling of the tale lie the beginning of what we still call film.

With the advent of the digital, which I would date from, approximately, World War Two, the nature of this project begins to become more apparent, more overt; the texture of these more recent technologies, the grain of them, becomes progressively finer, progressively more divorced from Newtonian mechanics. In terms of scale, they are more akin to the workings of the brain itself.

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Photo of the Month - Red Bar

Photo Blog

I'm starting to upload a photo at first day of the month. The photo will be taken by me, and always tries to signify the events, feelings and memories of the latest month. I hope it will grow to be a photojourney, that will tell a lot with a single shot.

Here goes for the first one. Titled Redbar. June was red, with passion in soul for what went on in Barcelona, anxiety towards the bar management and blood poured on VJ event. Still in a bar happened the most beautiful event of the month. It was an underground afterparty in Barcelona...Though that is all I'll tell.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Filing system


I am re-organising the category system of this blog. Adding a spanking new category under the topic, which helps the search of the categories. Meanwhile I am keeping the old labeling, until the search engines have updated the indexes. However, overall I am quite disappointed on the categorising system of any blogs there are. Or maybe it is just me...

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Video Samples


Here is an experimental sample of a VJing test for my current project using only photographs. In the clip below, the photos are first edited using Final Cut Pro, and finally mixed live with the music using Modul8

This is a complete test, but I am happy to receive feedback.



Directed / Edited: Teppo Hudson
Photography: Carlos Noboro
Music: Paul Oakenfold - Ready, Steady, Go

Monday, June 25, 2007

Live Lounge Video


A clip from Live Lounge in Ministry of Sound, May 2007.

Live Lounge[googlevideo=http://video.google.co.uk/videoplay?docid=2813042889533041236]

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

On Emerging VJ Markets

Business + Visuals + Academic

VJing is fast emerging to be one of the most innovative creative movement of the 21st century's first decade. Consequently market forces will became interested about the art form, and this post intends to discuss this emerging relationship a bit.

Back in the days, I have witnessed real business ideas been stolen by better positioned and more resourceful people, or taken them and then presenting them as their own. And that happens a lot. Often the success (in which ever way you define it) does come with a good self-promotion and networking. I think this is one of the things that is holding culture back. Looking from my point of view, you can be the greatest visual storyteller in the world, but professionally, you're no competition for somebody who above else "wants to direct". So better give some attention on that entrepreneurial will to push through the wall.

Well...nice. But what if I argue that coming up with your own ideas is a more fun way to go through life, than huge amounts of money earned?

It gets back to the idea that there's no limit to what you can accomplish as long as you don't mind who gets the credit. It's legal to steal ideas in this society, but it is not legal to steal money. This means that where art and finance mix, there isn't a level playing field, and the person who controls the money can steal the ideas. It's basically rule by force - not physical force, but economic brutishness, with Adam Smith's Invisible Hand of the marketplace acting as a fist. As a result, a lot of nice people in their ivory towers of industry are somewhat sad figures because they're isolated from the things that they love, from the very things that would inspire them. Sad even more because they are forced to be up in their towers by the Invisible Hand's imposed pressure.

VJs have a huge advantage in this area, as they are by necessity always in the "cultural mix" and are interacting with audiences, getting direct feedback. Creative communities allocate resources by merit rather than force. So it's not the kid with the rich parents who can get to mix the visuals on "Crossover of Senses", it's the kid who can mix visuals best.

This is very similar to open-source softwares taking over within IT world. This kinda relationship with the markets is relevant to VJing because historically, every time the medium takes creative leaps forward, the scene has enjoyed a collaborative atmosphere. Whereas when the VJ scene has been tighter and more competitive, the creativity stalls and even loses ground. This is evidence if you study the development of VJing, or actually development of other movements. The competition forces the innovators to secure their loose ends to stay competitive, though keeping the innovation robust would be the exact antidote for the competition.

This is well signified with music videos, which ultimately are recorded VJ performances without the improvations aspect. The videos were very innovative at late 70s and early 80s. Music channels' rule over the preferred form forced the music video directors to stick in the format of portraying the artists. Consequently videos became mere marketing tools, and lost their music visualisation aspect. I personally realised this in the "Broken Promised Land" project, where our client was very concerned on how the public would react on the content. Our directing had a lot VJ ideas in it, and consequently created the main problems of the project.

So being in this situation of seeing my area of business rocketing to the mainstream, I wish I can keep my integrity. I really want to keep my faiths, but we will see how strong my will is. It isn't an easy road to combine innovation and revenue. My personal definition of success is accomplishing what you've set out to do with your priorities still intact. To quote Citizen Kane, making a lot of money is easy to do if that's all you want to accomplish in life.

The thoughts on this post were influenced by:

Spinrad. Paul (2005) The VJ Book, Feral House: Los Angeles

Faulkner, Michael (2006) VJ: Audio-Visual Art + VJ Culture, Laurence King: London

Sunday, June 17, 2007

For the Love of Dance


Another week over, and I'm recovering from long weekend giving away parties in a top superclub, Ministry of Sound. My relationship with the club is a rather relentless love/hate. So often there are colleagues, one off tenders, punters and other people in the top of the clubbing industry coming to me telling how lucky I am to work at the MoS. Or, the one preferred by me, girls coming to me to tell how hot I am managing the Lounge of the club....well, that is a very nice bonus.

Last Saturday night was a good example of this. We had Erick Morillo playing and the house was packed with 2000 people. First of all, I met couple of odd acquintants at my bar. I met them in a professional manner, changing the "oh so predictable" small talks of "how is it going?". Followed by the offering of some drinks. Made them their same old brandy and cokes. Finally, only reason they are familiar with me and even say 'hello' is those drinks. They don't believe this dude has no potential because he is working in a club.

Few hours later a colleague of mine, lets call her "Julia", seemed to have her eye on me. Well, she is amazingly beautiful girl and very sexy in her moves. But when she opens her mouth, its like needles stinging inside, due to the most uninteresting topics. So she asks me out to a very posh bar on Wednesday, offering a guestlist entrance. Me, being so nice as always, accepts the offer. 5min later I'm thinking, what the fuck I'm going to in these posh parties, where the only thing the person next to you cares is his next line of coke. Yeah, sure I could have an awesome night out with her that would end up with good sex. Do I want that? Yes surely, but I still feel like a whore, because I recently saw the real beauty with a soulmate in Barcelona. Its not your body, its you mind that makes it beautiful.

Well, I am the last one to judge, after having done my share of one nights and sucking for a drink. It's quite inevitable. I do enjoy a good night out and the clubbing world. In most cases, Ministry of Sound does have the inner beauty in creation. 7am, the meat market has closed, the ones left are the ones with their sunglasses on. And they are there for the love of dance. That is why we DJs and VJs want to throw our sets. For that love.

I am often asked why I don't get a normal job. Why I am still working in the club. I do it because I see the opportunity arising from it and, beside, what it the glamour of an cubical 9-5? For me, there is no weekday, no early mornings. Just the beautiful freedom to push the boundaries of live visuals. And what a better place than Ministry of Sound. Sounds very cliche, but it's maybe more important now than ever: Do it for your heart, not for the needs of others.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Ne1co Label Launch

Art Review

Saturday 9th was a label launch on an interesting scale. Ne1co is maybe one of the first labels concentrating on releasing only visual content, or at least emphasising the visual side of the music. It was a nice little event, though made me realise that VJing is still a very very marginal artform. Mostly participants are working on the field themselves, which makes these events kinda just about showing off yourself.

However, VJ Anyone, VJ Bopa, VJ movement and Vello Virkhaus & Sandra Collins gave away cool sets. Emphasise was mainly on graphical side. In my opinion the VJs should experiment in a more film style storytelling, like Matthew Barney did. This was a good end for a week compeletely visual storytelling, exprienced in Barcelona and London.

Friday, June 08, 2007

On Art in Barcelona

Art Review

Obviously the time in Barcelona was not just about soaking the sun, enjoying the beautifully shaking Latina hips of the most beautiful girls, or getting inspired by the awesome architecture of the city. While filminf the city's street scene, I reserved time to tour as many galleries as possible. There is a amazing and thriving art scene in Barcelona. However, the market is not as developed as in London. Downside is that sometimes the presenting was rather unprofessional.

I might be spoiled by the amount and quality of event and exhibitions in the UK capital. I am also trained art producer & curator, so I do look the production in a very critical eye. However, we have to remember that usually more important is drive to make it happen. The problem though is that often the lack of quality in production will hinder the viewing comfort, consequently not giving the desired immersive experience.

Highlight of the week spent in Barcelona was definetely Loop '07 - a videoart festival. The festival spanned over some 30 venues , staginf various installations, performances and screenings. I was able to see "Videos Con Tuco" screening of recent Argentinian videoart in Centre D'art Santa Monica, Various street installations in lifestyle shop windows, "Thin Blue Lines" by American artist Jill Magid, some graduate videos from Scandinavian Art schools and most notable notorious screenings of Matthew Barney's "The Cremaster Cycle 1-5". Barney's screenings took place in the night time under the spanish moon, with a chilling wind cooling us down. We sat on a hard surface of the Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona's courtyard. The 5 films, screened over 3 nights, had not a single line of dialect, while the images of the film told the story in symbolic methods. Must say, not your Hollywood films, but still enjoyable.

Another notable gallery in the the city centre was operated by The Gracia Arts Project. Nice little galleria with excellent information and access to the art. Thanks to Christina for the chat, hope to see you again.

Main dissapointed was MACBA , the contemporary arts museum of Barcelona. Again, I am spoiled by Tate Modern in London, and have recently visited MoMa in New York and Museum fur Moderne Kunst in Frankfurt . These epitomes of exhibiting modern art do shadow the MACBA by far. I was left very cold by the exhibition on mix between visual art and theatre, and even more by the museum itself. They did not offer much info or sense adventure to sink into the world of the exhibition. Though they did have a nice balcony bar bathing in the afternoon sun. So, I went for a Mojito.

So this production aspect, in Loop and in Macba, is something that is extremely important for the development of art scene in Barcelona. Especially to expand their audience, as the average person will not return to poorly staged events. Sure, obviously London productions have more financial power behind them, but I have to mention that I have been involved in projects that had very highquality production with basicly no money behind, subsequently enhancing the sometimes lacking content. So please Barcelona producers, next time make sure the quality of curating goes hand in hand with the awesome art you have.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Dream of Barcelona

Philosophy + Travel

Barcelona is the place to be, though now I'm back at home in London. Tired from the exhausting trip back after less than 2 hours of sleep. Numbness inside, mainly due to the tiredness, and partly from the extremely emotional week behind me. The illusion is broken.

One reason was the fact of reuniting with two very important friends from my past. After the loneliness one feels in massive metropolies such as London, it was somehow a striking contrast to live your live with a days and nights filled with laughter. And those regular bottles of red wine.

It was startling for my drive to get the VJ world organised. I have always enjoyed the silence, to sit beside a lake and just think. However, the energy you get from close collaboration is something amazing that beats the easiness of loneliness. The problem is the creation of the momemtum for the collaboration. Creation of rewards and motivation. In other words, not far from basic project management. That is my next challenge.

Friday, June 01, 2007



I think I have to call the Barcelona week as a Reunion tour. Hanging here and filming with Kaisu, Aapo and Emmi - friends from my past in Finland - has been such a good reminder of the naive and easy going days of teenage. Uh, that sounds really cynical and old, but that the truth. I'm working towards huge responsibilities afterall.

Thanks to Emmi, we can stay in a real Barcelonian home. This enables to have a small peak into the real life in this beautiful city. The spanish way living does not surprise, I'm familiar with it before. All the siestas on the afternoon, fiestas and beautiful chicas.

The most striking feature is the architecture. Not just Gaudi never never land creations, such as Sagrada Familia, but also every single building just radiates a enourmous amount of shapes. Curves reflecting nature. Beside that, we found that there is a Videoart festival "Loop '07" going on. Definetely going to attend various events, especially Matthew Barney's "Crematory Cycle 1-5" films projected on 3 nights. Prepare for a surreal trip of visual storytelling.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007



This comes from Geneva. I'm having a 6 hours of stopover here before continuing to Barcelona. Well, just don't ask why. In all my brilliant need of "not to do the easy way", I though it might be fun to stop here. How wrong the sometimes interesting plan might go and I'm already regretting. Geneva is most boring fucking city I've been.

Seriously, the central area is filled with posh wifes of billionaire bankers and diblomats, all on their way to buy the next diamond ring. Otherwise there is nothing here but diamond retailers, gold retailers, banks and shops selling you the best machines ticking on your wrist (we are in Switzerland afterall). Ridicilous. I'm already afraid of my returning flight

Well, there is a nice medieval castle on a hill.