Monday, September 18, 2006

Global Network


Back in London after a month in LA and Vegas shooting a music video. And decided to start this blog in order to order my thoughts, and even might add some of the older diary notes from my infamous black book. Also I want to keep an online blog of my journey, which aims to travel around the world and create a network of creators spanning the globe. More of my works can be seen on this blog.

Late 2003 I picked up my possession and came to London. That's how far I've managed get by now. The network knot is progressing well in London, and next destination is most likely New York. Overall this concept I have in mind is a virtual network of creators, that is extremely flexible to adapt to the environments. It's a complex theory, might explain it to you later.

Yesterday went to Thames Festival on the South Bank walk. Saw a jukebox, that had three people inside. While approaching them a bit closer, it WAS a real jukebox were you were able to choose song that the band inside then played. On top, they had good sound system, nice box design and well rehearsed cover songs. Brilliant idea. I have to use that myself.


Monday, September 04, 2006

Chilling in Venice


What a nightmare the shoot was. Last minute changes, no communication method and messy party city of Las Vegas with all the distracting amusements. Didn't sleep for 3 days man. Today was just relaxing stroll on Venice Beach, trying get off the anxiety, frustration and stress. However, we did and pulled off the film shoot with basically no crew and a protesting band :)

Last night we spend drinking some in "The Standard", a rooftop bar in downtown LA, with awesome views over the valley. Unforgettable. Must be the coolest bar I've ever been. Also brewed the idea of setting up a club here in LA. Who knows maybe oneday.