Friday, November 19, 2004

Romeo & Juliet


Went to see Romeo & Juliet at the Playhouse Theatre in London with some university buddies. Sadly Miss M could not attend...

Anyway...the first 20 min were awesome with speed, humour and interactivity with the audience. Slowly we got into the story itself, which did not have any surpriding moments in it. The surprise came from the the part of the visuals theatre. Circus, acrobatics, hanging from the curtains etc. End of the play was beautiful, dramatic and perfect as the Romeo died hanging from hid feets upside down. Overall the play had much similarities with the Hollywood remake starring Leonardo Di'Caprio.

Friday, November 05, 2004

Losing The Control


These times are changing me. Suddenly good, relaxed life plunges into this whirlpool of London life. Last 6 months saw a lot of work done on music management, but it all shattered afterall. Velcra is past life. Maybe music is not my thing after all. I think I need to change what I'm doing and find new people to practise with.

As a combination of this I feel emotionally drained. I see myself standing on a cliff feeling the open future ahead. But first I need to climb down this hazardous rock wall down to the abyss. There will I find the next level. All I am waiting is the sign to start climbing down. A sign that secures my ascention. A sign to lose control.