Monday, October 29, 2007

Tour Management in Manchester and Wales

In ManchesterClubbing and Galleries in this one. It has been a while since I've updated. Apoligies for that, though I've been busier and more content with my future than maybe ever in my life. First of all, its a little more than a month since I've become a freelancer and boy has that been a ride. Honestly, I would have never believed the amount of stress and pleasure is can bring, especially within the fast paced city of London. All good, and projects have been successfull. Especially I'm luckily been able to create even requests for my world. One is a collaboration with an interesting travel and culture editing for Human Web Project.

Beside that and normal edits for MoSTV, been tour managing in Wales and Manchester. Nice easy trips to represent Ministry of Sound in a clubnight. Boring and hell, though gets be back on the feeling of being on the road. It is just the best feeling. Wales event was in this little town called Ammanford, basically in the middle of nothing. Twin Peaks was not far away, especially when the club owner mentioned that the town had their first ever murder a week before. 24 year old girl was murdered!!

Last week was in a bit more urban city of Manchester, in club Pure. Boring night and I did end up sitting in the VIP sipping my Mojito the management did not even bother to buy for me. Bad organisation and way too young audience. Below are some photos. In addition a lot of galleries and a special Fat Boy Slim event. Latter one was fucking awesome.

Coming up an update from the Crossover of Senses IV, which saw some changes in the set up... Stay tuned.


Thursday, October 04, 2007

Pump It Up - Sneak Preview

Business + Visuals

Sexy ladies in this post. Been extremely busy with getting all sorted out with Live Visuals. While I do that, check a trailer for a director / editor project of mine. For the full feature go to Ministry of Sound TV and search for "pump it up".