Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Person of the Year


This is so true. Time magazine's annual person of the year is chosen. And it is You, over every "great" powerful men. The internet is starting to show it's awesome potential as a networking and communication tool. It is truly awesome how people can start to communicate person to person round the world, 24/7 and with dimishing costs. This speeds up innovation, creation and brings happiness as people can connect to their loved ones.

That is a true revolution!

For me personally, it is a sign that I'm on a right track bringing artists together, under a creative umbrella. That is how artistic communities have always worked. I'll see you in the future, it will be bright.

Check out the Time magazine's article about the Person of the Year

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Research Publication


Got my university thesis published! Well, sort of... A music webzine in Finland, asked me to translate the theory part of my work into finnish and edit it into a form of an article. You can find it here.

For you who do not speak finnish, you can donwload the complete work here.