Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Weekend in Tbilisi


No, didn't go there for pleasure. Tbilisi, the capital of a former soviet nation of Georgia is not your typical holiday destination, especially in the winter time, though I've heard in summer its a rather pleasant destination for wine lovers. I ended up flying there for filming reasons, documenting Ministry of Sound setting up a party in Tbilisi.

Starting out first to Istanbul with tour manager and DJ Dom Chung, we flew to Istanbul to meet promoter Tanja, DJ Tony Devotion and dancers Maria and Carolina. After this small stopover it was a short 2h flight to Tbilisi. We were greeted by local organiser Jaba (The Hut as we called him) and drove to our hotel and to the bed late at 5am. Next morning early call for the venue set up and picking DJ Marc Hughes from the airport. We slowly started to get a picture waiting for us with red carpet entrance, press conferences and other massive promotional efforts. For me all this provided interesting topics for the documentary.

The Georgian hosts were very generous providing us all needed. Amazing amount of hospitality from people just now starting to recover from the collapse of the Soviet Union some 16 years ago. They were very proud of their nationality and showed great interest towards foreign views of Georgia. I saw much similarities to the recovery of Finland after the great recession in the early 90s.

In few weeks I'll have the feature edited and I'll try to get it uploaded up here. Meanwhile enjoy some photos here.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Human Web Project

Travel + Business

I've been part of a team of editors for last month to sort out 180 hours of footage shot in 2006. The project is titled Human Web Project . Twenty people committed to living together over a lengthy period of time. This pressurized intimacy brings their true natures to light.The Human Web aims to interact with cultures - assimilating them, reacting to them - and finding a key in each and every one to share creativity and joy as opposed to confrontation.

"Not all those who wander are lost"

Embracing nomadic life as our hunter-gatherer ancestors did. Hunting, through music, for what's best in our fast-changing world. The Human Web will gather live data to pass on to future generations, and share experience and knowledge with no other purpose than leaving smiles behind. Intended to open hearts and free people's minds from the poison of erroneous, preconceived, notions, while searching for the riches that thread, as a common denominator, the diversity of human cultures and beliefs.

The trip took Mama Joy, the 1959 bus, from Italy to Istanbul. Here is a little promo I edited for Istanbul leg. Visit the website and support the cause.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Crossover of Senses V @ MoS

Performance + Visuals

The fifth and final instalment of Crossover of Senses series is done. This marks the end of a 5 month project to create visuals at Ministry of Sound in 2007. We are discussing of the next year and seems that its going to happen. Overall the feedback has been very positive.

The November night was also 16th Birthday party for Ministry of sound, and you might guess the place was packed. I was VJing alone for the whole 7 hours. Can say that is heavy man...Glad that I had my love and live, the beautiful Jade next to me.

Thanks to all the 10.000 clubbers and VJs:
VJ Movement
VJ Bopa
VJ Supergas
VJ Shakinda
VJ Hudson

Visuals: VJ Hudson
Producer: Teppo Hudson
Director / Editor: Teppo Hudson