Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Crossover of Senses III @ MoS

Performance + Visuals

The third instalment of Crossover of Senses’s NEICO series is done. I've had a turmoiling month so it was pleasant to get my steams out with a bit of VJing. Especially I have to thank all the budding visual creators who have come out and generated interest to perform on the series. You all rock!

For the September night we had Anna Boberg aka VJ Bopa returning with her awesome visuals. I must say she is not titled as the world's foremost female VJ for nothing. Perfectly in beat, colourful and full of motion. Second slot was for Rodrigo Dutra aka VJ Supergas, who is a rising star from Brasil. Nice visuals, especially the dancing scenes from old films. Only thing is that sometimes beat matching was lacking a bit, though that might not have been his aim at all. Myself, I concentrated on closing the night with some dark, trippy visuals pulsating on the screen. I didn't even try to tell anything deep to the already fucked up audience.


Visuals: VJ Bopa; VJ Supergas; VJ Hudson
Producers: Teppo Hudson & Evy Magoulas
Director / Editor: Teppo Hudson
Music: Don Johnson Big Band - 24h

Band from TV


This is awesome. Television industry's superstars such as Hugh Laurie (House, Jeeves and Wooster - especially the latter one!), James Denton (Desperate Housewives), Greg Grunberg (Heroes), Bonnie Somerville (Cashmere Mafia), and Bob Guiney (The Bachelor) have formed a band. This group of amateur musicians call themselves a "Band From TV", and have become a phenomenon itself by storming download charts with their track "Minnie the Moocher".

What makes this so awesome is the fact that all the profit is going to different charities though Band From TV foundation and they genuinely have fun playing together. And it gives them such a joy to experience the recording studio set. Truly awesome example of the power of the music.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Viral World

Philosophy + Business

GorillaThe new Cadbury chocolate advert with the gorilla. It has created a turmoil within the advertising industry, many top level people saying that the advertisement future is changing. Might be true, and the interview with Laurence Green, the creative director of the company behind the Cadbury's Gorilla (Fallon London), made me think about the issue.

"...there is a product message in there too. In fact, the entire commercial is a product metaphor. "Chocolate is about joy and pleasure. For years Cadbury has told us that it was generous, through the glass and a half strap line. We thought, don't tell us how generous you are; show us. Don't tell us about joy; show us joy."

What is important in this quote is the last bit. Society is changing, and the media has to change with it. We are so bombarded with advertisements and choice that sometimes it feels that we are anymore free to do the choice between products. This leads to the fact that audience / consumers (which ever way you want to call them) do not want someone to tell them. They want someone to show them.

This is a television broadcast spot that actually feels like a viral. There’s something intrinsically wonderful about seeing this weird little bit of film unceremoniously crop up between Big Brother commercial breaks.

Brilliant, memorable, left-field way to engage people with a famous brand that needs no introduction and has traditionally suggested that the most important thing about chocolate is a glass and a half of milk. Respects my intelligence and is prepared to spend some of my ‘hard earned chocolate budget’ on giving me a laugh.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Thames Festival 2007

Art Review + London

Tall manI went down to the Thames to enjoy a sunny day at the annual Thames Festival, this time I was joined by lovely Jade. The festoval is a free event of performing arts and family entertainment, celebrating the river Thames. Nice effort but this time the whole Queens walk was just too full of tourist resembling whales. Nice, but not at all. Some photos of a performance by 'traditional' Japanese drum group, which somewhat build up a tension inside. Am I getting too seasoned to enjoy performances? Am I getting too cynical like those old film critics? Hope not, but this year Thames Festival didn't do it for me.

Couple of photos


Monday, September 17, 2007


Log + Business

ProfileI've decided to become a freelancer. Simple as that. I just love the freedom it gives and enjoy the challenge of takung responsibility of your income. Though if someone offers me a good salary income within the visual sphere I might consider it...

Monday, September 10, 2007

Pump It Up

Log + Architecture

Pump It UpWhat makes men fly? What makes girls fly? I would say sex, and for the latter one dance. And thats what my Sunday was all about. No, I did not spend it having sex all day or dancing, but more in the visual sense. I had the pleasure to shoot the Behind The Scenes of Pump It Up fitness DVD, to be released by Ministry of Sound. The Sunday 9th September was a, well different one, especially because of the location. On top of the gleaming City Hall of London

Waking up early 7am, I had a quick shower and breakfast. Then out the door heading towards the river Thames. After some of security checks, I finally was able take the gleaming lift up to the ninth floor of the City Hall. Must say, I'm already been admiring the building because of the architecture and the fact that it is very energy efficient. The building for example has sun panels on the roof, designed with the rest of the architechture.

Arriving at the set I was first greeted with MoS's Nicola and the choreographer Gareth Walker. Mr. Walker by the way is one of the top one in the UK and that did show, man. Like the director mentioned at the end, every single fitness routine went down on first take. I was impressed on the professionality of the whole cast and crew.

Mostly I concentrated on the gorgeous dancers Stephanie, Franky and Emma. My Behind the Scenes concentrated on the girls and I did try to follow the day from their point of view. Most of the work was done in couple of hours and then it as for the boring part of all film shoot. Waiting and waiting. This Behind the Scene shoot did end up being literally behind...tough one, but someone's gotta do it. Tomorrow I'm having another shoot in MoS, but that I cannot tell you about it right now. Its top secret.

Shots taken with mobilephone.

Pump It Up

Pump It Up

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Photo of the Month - Mojito

Photo Blog


So why Mojito? First of all this month has seen me muddling up too many mojitos, especially to one corporate client of Ministry, though it also reminds me of the last month properly behind MoS bars. In addition, the scenery of Barcelona beach is reminded by a very special guest visiting London.

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Why London Works

Business + London

LondonIn a recent column Ken Livingstone, the London Mayor, argued that London has now overtaken New York as the world's greatest centre of commerce. Before that, the extreme theory that the free market would solve all of London's problems had produced crisis after crisis - ranging from inner city riots to a transport system on the verge of collapse.

However, since London regained its own government seven years ago, the city has embarked on upon an entirely different course. Where competition is real and produces result it has the mayor's support. Where it fails and public sector leadership is necessary we have tried to provide that lead. Personally I agree with Ken Livingstone that London is becoming more enjoyable place to live, and the change has been huge in my 4 years here. Though I do question the comment that London has overtaken New York as the place of Commerce.

I think London still has a lot to work on balance within the employment sector. Currently the classifying between nation is massive and foreigners are still "foreigners". Same might be in New York, but still the city has more a "can do" attitude than a pumped up pill head in a rave. London has a pessimistic attitude on new businesses.

London's current success is in the public transport and in the finance sector. Public transport is very safe, efficient, relatively cheap and does give you the ability not to have a car. Result is an open city for pedestrians and not for the drivers. In comparison, LA lives within their cars and sometimes crashes into each others just to feel something. In London you definetely feel. On the other hand, massive finance sector produces massive profits as well, and this years bonuses are expected to be £14 billion, with 3000 bankers receiving more than £1 million in bonuses. That has a great windfall on the whole London as well.

The bottom line for the reason of London's success is the delicate balance between freedom and control. Up to a certain degree markets are totally free, but the London government will step in to balance to greedy attempts to reap anything of from the Londoners. Hopefully Ken Livingstone's legacy is the understanding of giving it back to the people, and how it will benefit the whole in a long run.