Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Advertisers are following Online Video space


A Helsinki based media agency Dagmar, wrote about the use and future of online videos and web-tv. According to them, currently videos are the faster growing advertising platform online, with a market of $4,6 billion in US by 2013. European figures are very similar, as Tekes forecast (in finnish) online video to have €6 billion by 2013.

All these forecast and market researches echo what CityVice has been building on. We have some great news to tell you in soonish. We have come up with a great solution for the market, for media, advertisers and media agencies. Here are some points from the studies:

Online videos are perfect way to continue the advertising campaign shown on TV. One point to note however; most of the spots used in traditional TV does not work perfectly online. So for advertisers it is important to tweak the online ad according to needs. CityVice has the best knowledge on this data, so get in touch. :)

- 20% of 16-25 years do not own a TV.
- 40% of 16-25 years are watching TV & videos mainly online
- Online has much better tracking and reporting tool, therefore more meaninful advertising.
- Brand Lifting value is exceptional in online videos
- Click Through Rates in CityVice network is 4.5% - 5%, Interaction rates massive 40%.
- TNS Gallup has started a video tracking service. We are not familiar with this...yet that is :)

So overall online videos are booming, regardless of the recession times. CityVice is there for you, serving the needs of online video.