Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Brand Innovation


I recently received a book "Brand Innovation" by the author John Grant. He did gave it to me personally and I am grateful for this gift as it has a lot to do with my year long research on to visual aspect of branding.

Grant believes brands are constructed from clusters of cultural ideas, literally everything that goes into a brand; all its symbols, history, artifacts and codes. He goes on to identify 32 types of cultural ideas and creates a periodic table for brand ideas. They are organized according to the cultural space they inhabit; from the personal to the official.

In relation to the arts though, branding has to be for a certain credible reasons. Do not be attach it, if it does not fit the cultural idea around the art. AS my central point goes: "people freely choose signs that signify the self". Therefore, in branding, what is needed is an insight into what is missing from your markets.