Monday, November 19, 2007

180 Degree Turn

Log + Business

ProfileJust a couple of months ago I wrote about becoming a freelancer. Well, I have to inform that this is not the case anymore, as Ministry of Sound TV offered a fulltime opportunity as a cameraman and editor. I will accept this, well actually already signed the contract, which will now take much of my time and priority. Bonus side is that this will fund my acts on fighting to get Crossover of Senses fly. On that note, things are developing well within the collective creation. Some great news coming up soon.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Crossover of Senses IV @ MoS

Performance + Visuals

The fourth instalment of Crossover of Senses series is done. We experienced some problems with the staging and ended up changing the rigging to face the balcony with 3 canvases. Did work well, so will stage the last one with the same design.

For the October night we had VJ Shakinda all the way from Belfast. Just week before his visuals were displayed at Gallery Yurijo and this time we had the pleasure to enjoy them with the best club sounds in the world. He is very much on the beat and takes ques live. Shakinda's technical knowledge was amazing, so all thumbs up for him. Though he had some rather raw violence pieces and some preaching which I personally think do not fit a club environment. Myself, I tried to be influenced on what he did and followed the line being very on the beat. Did ok.

Visuals: VJ Shakinda; VJ Hudson
Producer: Teppo Hudson
Director / Editor: Teppo Hudson
Music: Don Johnson Big Band - Get On a Mic