Thursday, April 21, 2005

Fragile Beauty


There is a beautiful mind
radiating the idea of rose
so fragile, so beautiful
easy to be blown away

The rose is so white,
soft like silk, pure like milk
The beauty is so fragile
red fury shall tear it apart

Wont the beauty of it all
stand proud and tall
cause even in mids of night
its darkest just before the dawn

But you know what I say,
that beautiful mind is what I shall gain
to open the pedals, pick up this rose
even thou its against all the odds

Roll down the window
smell the open air
drive me faster
hit it and freeze the fair

I'm a passenger of this girl
passing worlds, going around
literally, sexyally
in a whirlwind of time

Sunday, April 10, 2005



Take the first steps after the rain
at the dawn when small drops tickle your toes
How to know is it real or is it magic?

If this clock keeps ticking away
will time be hesitated
of all the minutes that were taken away?

Come closer, let me whisper it in your ear:
shine for the sun, let the drops fall
Until its time for a wake up call