Tuesday, February 07, 2006


Log + Poem

The photo attached is from Hilton Helsinki. I spend a week up the North visiting friends and family. It was fun, cold and oh so silent.

"Deranged" below is from Tate Modern "Dictio Pii" piece me and Shara saw the other day. Amazing. Will influence my works in the future. Very much related to VJing, to an artform dealing with live mixing of visuals with music. It is exactly related for my research project and something I believe will be huge thing in the future.


We are the perfume in the air
only gaining power from isolated activity
we are the traitors of privacy
expressing abstract frozen irony

We are the utopian craftsmen
behaving like pretty beggars
we take from anyone
to give the product of

We are skeptical
but we believe
we are everything
but also nothing

We are immortal riders
interested only to send
we extend our bodies
interested only to bend

We are deranged
we are the outcast
wondering on to distance
burning in this mismatch