Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Person of the Year


This is so true. Time magazine's annual person of the year is chosen. And it is You, over every "great" powerful men. The internet is starting to show it's awesome potential as a networking and communication tool. It is truly awesome how people can start to communicate person to person round the world, 24/7 and with dimishing costs. This speeds up innovation, creation and brings happiness as people can connect to their loved ones.

That is a true revolution!

For me personally, it is a sign that I'm on a right track bringing artists together, under a creative umbrella. That is how artistic communities have always worked. I'll see you in the future, it will be bright.

Check out the Time magazine's article about the Person of the Year

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Research Publication


Got my university thesis published! Well, sort of... A music webzine in Finland, asked me to translate the theory part of my work into finnish and edit it into a form of an article. You can find it here.

For you who do not speak finnish, you can donwload the complete work here.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Broken Promised Land


This one goes for a Los Angeles memoribilia, Lets get down to earth for entertainment. Below you will find a project and a short film titled 'Broken Promised Land' - some might say it has a lot of similarities with VJing. It is also a music video used for promotional purposes by the band Private Line. Nevertheless, we see it as a short film studying dreams and hopes.

The video was shot in early September in Las "the sin city" Vegas. There would be so much to tell ya about the trip, but undortunately I really do not have a coherent memory. Mainly for not sleeping during three days of shooting. I didn't drink or use any other substance - not even a single cigarette to calm my sizzling nerves.

However, I always remember the cadillac scenes at Nevada desert. There is no more beautiful light than that sun painting verything red. Second is my early morning walk around Vegas and late night strolls among Belaggio, Venetian and Ceasar's Palace. Those dancing water fountains of Belaggio are worth to see.

Even though Vegas is a Sin City where people really let it go, it is exactly for this reason that I love it. Everyone are stripped off from their social mask, taken on the street for a bif ass party. Something that spanish culture does on a daily basis. Yeah there is American style arrogance, but basically the whole idea is the "viva!", just let yourself go, celebrate life and forget the pain.

In addition, for this reason we chose to shoot there. The height of hope and despair of american society. Some might say this height is not equal and really unfair. Yeah, true, you will feel either very good or very shit. But at least ya will feel something. Doesn't that count?

WATCH THE VIDEO NOW - Broken Promised Land

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Enterprise 2.0

Business + Philosophy

The way internet is changing world seems to just getting faster. Old values and methods are being crumbled on the ground by the current generation of enterpreneurs. Currently they are researching and studying the models at universities, where these ideas will eventually emerge.

I am in a blessed position to be one of these people, in one of the alpha cities, London. While building my personal strategy for Moradi Hudson Management, I am increasingly coming accross business theories that are very innovative and does make you think ways to crumbe the old world, where physical place still meant a lot.

Please go and read more at the great blog of Mr. Dion Hinchcliffe . His interesting theory is based on relation to theories Web 2.0. This one is called Enterprise 2.0, the intellectual capital and innovation come from community ideology. The community however is based at the internet, and in the physical world individuals can be situated over the globe. Interestingly this has very much similarities to my personal vision of MHM.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Blue Man Group


We gave a promotional spot in Ministry of Sound for The Blue Man Group. The blue men came to give away a small performance on the main bar. Awesome. In return all the MoS club staff were given tickets to see the group's performance in London. Man, I gotta say haven't had so much fun and influence for a long time. Do a favour for yourself and go see one their performance.

I think the mix of Live Visual and Music in the ight path. Music videos etc are long past and not interesting anymore. So note to myself: concentrate on VJing.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Moradi Hudson Management Ltd.


If there is anyone out there reading this blog, please go and check this London and LA based company. Managing director might seem familiar...

Moradi Hudson Management Ltd.

The company is finally taking off and projects are rolling in after a frustrating LA production. All good now.

Monday, September 18, 2006

Global Network


Back in London after a month in LA and Vegas shooting a music video. And decided to start this blog in order to order my thoughts, and even might add some of the older diary notes from my infamous black book. Also I want to keep an online blog of my journey, which aims to travel around the world and create a network of creators spanning the globe. More of my works can be seen on this blog.

Late 2003 I picked up my possession and came to London. That's how far I've managed get by now. The network knot is progressing well in London, and next destination is most likely New York. Overall this concept I have in mind is a virtual network of creators, that is extremely flexible to adapt to the environments. It's a complex theory, might explain it to you later.

Yesterday went to Thames Festival on the South Bank walk. Saw a jukebox, that had three people inside. While approaching them a bit closer, it WAS a real jukebox were you were able to choose song that the band inside then played. On top, they had good sound system, nice box design and well rehearsed cover songs. Brilliant idea. I have to use that myself.


Monday, September 04, 2006

Chilling in Venice


What a nightmare the shoot was. Last minute changes, no communication method and messy party city of Las Vegas with all the distracting amusements. Didn't sleep for 3 days man. Today was just relaxing stroll on Venice Beach, trying get off the anxiety, frustration and stress. However, we did and pulled off the film shoot with basically no crew and a protesting band :)

Last night we spend drinking some in "The Standard", a rooftop bar in downtown LA, with awesome views over the valley. Unforgettable. Must be the coolest bar I've ever been. Also brewed the idea of setting up a club here in LA. Who knows maybe oneday.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Dream of Hollywood

Log + Travel

Los Angeles opened up in front of me after a long 11h flight from London. Last night we had a HUGE party at MoS with Steve Angello & co. Those swedes can spin it man. Didn't nooze more than an hour before it was time to get my ass to Heathrow and on the plane. Now I gotta find Shara and the cats or we do not have director for this film shoot...

(later next day)

Los Angeles lifestyle is very much laidback than London. But gotta love the weather you know. Jetlag is killing me and I feel a bit uncertain but excited. Tomorrow we head up to Las Vegas for the shoot.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006



Whatever each of us may be looking for, we tend to pursue our desires through images: symbols of the ideas we desire. We buy leather jackets when we want rebellion and danger. We purchase fast cars not for the sake of driving fast, but to recapture our lost youth. When we want world revolution, we buy political pamphlets and bumper tickets.

Somehow we assume that having all the right accesories will get us the perfect lives. And when we construct our lives, we often do it according to an image, a pattern that has been laid out for us in terms of being for example a hippie, businessman, housewife or punk.

Will the construction make you happy?

Are you really what you appear to be? If not does it really matter?

Is punk a businessman and businessman a punk when we strip our constructed images?

Friday, June 30, 2006

Broken Promised Land


Got a music video producing project. For a band called Private Line from a song called "Broken Promised Land". To be shot in Los Angeles and Las Vegas in August. Are you excited already?

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

The Day Of The Beast


It is the day of the beast. And it is the first day of the rest of my life...after University. Everything is done and I'm a BA (Hons) Arts Manager now. Feels weird after all the hard work, though also relieved. I haven't felt so good for ages. However, now the real work just starts. Moradi Hudson Management will be incorporated within a month. Went also to see the remake of "The Omen". A bit scary, but not really good.

Well...take care you all. It is the rest of your lifes as well.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Brand Innovation


I recently received a book "Brand Innovation" by the author John Grant. He did gave it to me personally and I am grateful for this gift as it has a lot to do with my year long research on to visual aspect of branding.

Grant believes brands are constructed from clusters of cultural ideas, literally everything that goes into a brand; all its symbols, history, artifacts and codes. He goes on to identify 32 types of cultural ideas and creates a periodic table for brand ideas. They are organized according to the cultural space they inhabit; from the personal to the official.

In relation to the arts though, branding has to be for a certain credible reasons. Do not be attach it, if it does not fit the cultural idea around the art. AS my central point goes: "people freely choose signs that signify the self". Therefore, in branding, what is needed is an insight into what is missing from your markets.

Friday, March 17, 2006

Everything Is By Chance


Merce Cunningham (choreographer)
John Cage (composer)

Cunningham has said: "there are no fixed points in space"
-> Everything is by chance

Cage has said: "music can be played without a single note" Even though there is a silence from the instrument we always hear sounds around us
-> Music is created by chance

Tuesday, February 07, 2006


Log + Poem

The photo attached is from Hilton Helsinki. I spend a week up the North visiting friends and family. It was fun, cold and oh so silent.

"Deranged" below is from Tate Modern "Dictio Pii" piece me and Shara saw the other day. Amazing. Will influence my works in the future. Very much related to VJing, to an artform dealing with live mixing of visuals with music. It is exactly related for my research project and something I believe will be huge thing in the future.


We are the perfume in the air
only gaining power from isolated activity
we are the traitors of privacy
expressing abstract frozen irony

We are the utopian craftsmen
behaving like pretty beggars
we take from anyone
to give the product of

We are skeptical
but we believe
we are everything
but also nothing

We are immortal riders
interested only to send
we extend our bodies
interested only to bend

We are deranged
we are the outcast
wondering on to distance
burning in this mismatch