Sunday, April 29, 2007

The Greatest Day Of Your Life


Lets face it, some days are more meaningful than others. Or at least more memorable. We all have personal meaningful days, ones that meant more to us than any other one. I do something that most people don't do, I keep a top 5 best days of my life list. Lately it's been filling up, and spots are harder to come by, but it's awesome to keep the list and I suggest you all do the same.

1. Velcra gig at Provinssirock festival 2003, playing in front of thousands of people, followed by Massiva Attack's VJ gig in the middle of the beautiful northern nightless summer. The magic of the night was far beyond this world. My first touch on VJing. (see the attached photo).

2. Food poisoning myself and Partyboy the Cat, June 2006. Three days of hallucinations, no food and near death experiences. Result: my heart literally nearly stopped (at a ripe age of 27), and I will always check the 'best before' date from now on. Thanks to Shara for taking care of me.

3. Second night in New York on January 2007 partying with completely ramdom people from my guesthouse Chelsea Star. We went around lower east side, ending up in this smallish bar. The spontanious was awesome, with a total guys night out. At the I danced the night away with a Texas girl, who was very fascinated by my MoS "tattoo"...hmmm.

4. Deep Dish night at Ministry of Sound in July 2005. 'nuff said. Just memorable.

5. 12 hrs drive from Wasington D.C. to Portland, Maine in June 2000, while my friend was high on all kinda substances, constantly talking and trying to keep me awake. Hilarious I say. Car breaking down evetually and Kym came to rescue us.

--- --- ---

You would be surprised with the things you remember when you start to put everything together, between shady unmoral actions you pull off to moments of magic when everything is perfect and you can give back the love for your fellow human beings. Like Kym said, it is those people who remember your name that counts. So, what's my name again?

What was the greatest day of your life?

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Barcelona in Motion


More actually just an update. My works for Ministry of Sound has been a double sided sword. In one sense I honestly love it, the people there and the whole "fucking superstar" mentality. It has teached me a lot. One the other hand, I have been trying to push my ideas to the club, but they never listen. I think mainly because I had problems with delivery, i.e. because I had to improve my english.

However, finally they gave me an opportunity. Will tell you more about it soon, when all is confirmed. Meanwhile, I decided to have a small vacation at the first week of June, just because I've worked hard last 5 months. And you know, when thinking where to go and what to do, I just fancied that good old beach bum holiday. Though must say, that the culture is still important part of vacations for me. So perfect place was found quickly. Barcelone, here I come.

I'll suck part of that surrealism from Dali and Gaudi, and the second objective is to sit on a beach soaking the sun. And I go there with my good old childhood friend, whom haven't seen for ages. Maybe staying in an little B&B getting to know other travellers. Beside these plans, I've been enjoying the spring in London. Its been really nice month this April.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Poetry in Motion


I thought to wrote down some lines again. Its been a while since the last update. Lately I have been thinking about my live here in London. I always somehow though that I have to call this city a home. But after four years, I just can't. It is a great city and does give me so much. However, I think I will never call it a home, more as a long overstreched stopover until the next leg on my travels.

That takes me to the point: I am on a long trip, covering ground, learning about myself and hopefully one day able to make it into my art. Yeah, there is the company and long term plans of building a career. But career in what? Not that 9-5 office one, no! Life is journey, so there is no point getting stucked. Keep your options alive.

However, I bet it is a real crack to arrive home oneday and see the familiar faces in scandinavia. It praises the old wisdom that my goold old friend Mikko mentioned: All travelling is meaningless if you have no place to return. As these years roll by I starting to believe more and more that the journey is the destination. The art of movement is like poetry in motion. Try to see thing in a new light and appreciate the little details.