Friday, November 25, 2011

Think About Your Metadata

This time I wanted to get a bit more relaxed from all the deep thoughts on the change of the digital media. I thought to give a little update on what we worked on lately. This category feature on Publishzer is not much obviously, but I would recommend thinking about categories and other metadata from early on.

Why? Metadata (metacontent) is traditionally found in the card catalogs of libraries. As information has become increasingly digital, metadata is also used to describe digital data using metadata standards specific to a particular discipline. By describing the contents and context of data files, the quality of the original data/files is greatly increased. That's why!

This sunday was another hackday for our team. We decided to focus on category feature. Now you can categorize your mags, which helps others to find them when we get all the social elements ready. Go creating some mags and register at

Publishzer dev
Publishzer dev

...and you can also define the magazine into subcategories. Helping readers to find it even better.

Publishzer dev
Publishzer dev

Happy Publishzing!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Social Curation and Evening at REVS Fashion Mag Launch Party

Yesterday I spent an nice evening first at BonnierDevCamp talking about Social Curation. There is more about it in this blog, but I thought to share the slides I used. My focus was five points to cover the current change in the media industry and what opportunities social curation brings. I'm happy that the 30min talk turned into a discussion with active interaction with the hackers. I all up for you guys hacking the media into the digital future.

The five points were:
1. Media is under digital revolution and will follow the fate of music.
2. Social Curation's value is in filtering out noise to focus on niche interestgroups.
3. Enabling readers to use their own voice has huge advertising opportunities.
4. Through these bloggers have opportunity to become a shaping force in the media industry.
5. Mobile is the most personal device and therefore very good for media consumption.

Also after the break you find a nice picture of REVS magazine launch party. It a rather artistic magazine coming out from few of my friends. Nice picture and all, but I see them having hard time making this into a business...well it is very artistic.

Talking at the cosy @bonnierdevcamp lounge about social curation
Bonnier Lounge

REVS launch party!
Revs visuals

Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Searching the soul of

Last week, me and Helene have been touring the Golden Triangle area of India. This means basically the cities of Delhi, Agra and Jaipur. These are the monumental and historical part of the old Mughal empire and Rajastan Maharajas. Words cannot describe the awesomeness of grand buildings like Taj Mahal or the colors and tastes of Jaipur's local markets.

(photo by Helene Auramo)

However, the trip has made me think a lot about the essence our actions. Ayurveda treatments been part of our trip with both purchasing natural food supplements and having an insanely great Ayurveda massage that still after two days is energising my body. India overall is so much about balance in yourself and the surroundng ecosystems.

India at night

As well as looking for personal balance, the same balance is important for companies. Publishzer is all about high ambitions and willingness to change the world. Still this has to come with balanced methods, respecting especially the blogging communities. We have pinpointed the principles to the following ones:

- Empathy, the intimate connection with the feelings of the users and customers. We want know their feelings better than anyone else
- Halo, the signals that the company emits. People form opinions from the first moments, and therefore designs has to be perfect.
- Focus, we must concentrate the limited resources to the businesses we are best of, and eliminate unimportant opportunities. Learn to say no.

With these principles, nothing is impossible.