Monday, May 26, 2008

European Tour


Last couple of weeks been hectic. I have logged 12 flights, only 2 nights in London, airport lounges, countless parties, random people and lots of sunshine. All started with a Helsinki trip to plant the seeds of my net project on documenting urban lifestyles. Followed by Costa del Sol trip for a music video shoot in Malaga for Basshunter. The shoot had amazing catering and most importantly models in bikinis! HA!

Back to London to beautiful Ibiza shoot for Pioneer and after the sunny week of sunsets, to Gategrasher Summer Sound System festival for an all time favorite of mine, The Prodigy! They did let me down with a lame set and was dampened even more with rainy and windy weather. It was like Siberia after Spain. Overall I must admit it feels good to be able to sit down and breath for moment in London, before the road calls again. Let the photos talk more.


Thursday, May 08, 2008

Amazing Wordpress Blog Theme


Check this! It is an amazing wordpress theme, mainly for photobloggers I think. This theme will analyse your photo and change the color of the page according to the analysis. Simply amazing I think.

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Thursday, May 01, 2008

Miami Retrospect


Now finally, after starting to recover from the crash that followed, I'm able to sit down and look back to the heavy time in Miami and the crash that followed. I think Miami is amazing place with the sun, shades, girls and water around. With money it would amazing place to spend your days. However I'm a bit biased to say as the week we spend there was just during the biggest parties the city will see annually. I wonder how it is otherwise.

In addition, the plastic faces and chest (both men's and women's) are another reason I'm having a bit of reserves. Sure, I like good looking people and am working towards that myself. But I'm talking about their attitude that it is all on the surface. Cliché but rather true I'm afraid.

What else...Work was awesome, we managed to create something amazing that has been praised. Highlight must have been Paul Oakenfold's DJ gig with a string orchestra and amazing visuals. He is working in Hollywood so no wonder there is power behind the content on the screen. Long 20h days were not that bad, mingling with names like Tommy Lee (yeah!), Sharam, Cedric Gervais, Pete Tong, Paul Oakenfold in VIPs was like been home again. Pool parties with girls in bikinis was just serene. Talking about serenity, I will always remember the moment on the beach, sun shining and I'm strolling slowly on the sand and writing a love txt to Jade. That was a good reward for the hours spend running after well known I wish things would have been different when I return home.

Since then I've been a walking dead, nothing interest me. Except ReCharge film (see post below) and some big time plans that are already on a move, and things seem to change quite a lot before midsummer sun shines. I'll keep you updated. More photos found in my Photo Album. Courtesy of Stephanie Bochatay.