Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Broken Promised Land


This one goes for a Los Angeles memoribilia, Lets get down to earth for entertainment. Below you will find a project and a short film titled 'Broken Promised Land' - some might say it has a lot of similarities with VJing. It is also a music video used for promotional purposes by the band Private Line. Nevertheless, we see it as a short film studying dreams and hopes.

The video was shot in early September in Las "the sin city" Vegas. There would be so much to tell ya about the trip, but undortunately I really do not have a coherent memory. Mainly for not sleeping during three days of shooting. I didn't drink or use any other substance - not even a single cigarette to calm my sizzling nerves.

However, I always remember the cadillac scenes at Nevada desert. There is no more beautiful light than that sun painting verything red. Second is my early morning walk around Vegas and late night strolls among Belaggio, Venetian and Ceasar's Palace. Those dancing water fountains of Belaggio are worth to see.

Even though Vegas is a Sin City where people really let it go, it is exactly for this reason that I love it. Everyone are stripped off from their social mask, taken on the street for a bif ass party. Something that spanish culture does on a daily basis. Yeah there is American style arrogance, but basically the whole idea is the "viva!", just let yourself go, celebrate life and forget the pain.

In addition, for this reason we chose to shoot there. The height of hope and despair of american society. Some might say this height is not equal and really unfair. Yeah, true, you will feel either very good or very shit. But at least ya will feel something. Doesn't that count?

WATCH THE VIDEO NOW - Broken Promised Land