Friday, June 17, 2005

Stars Are Killers


It has been a month since a great revelation for myself (might one day publish it as well). I feel new. As I mentioned something was born inside, and I see the world in such a different way. All in a positive light.

I also saw a dream last night. I was in a house. The house suddenly turned into a hostage site when a masked man took it by storm. I attacked him fighting for my freedom, and was able to cut his leg with a knive (similar to the "Pet Semetary" film's end when the kid cut his granpa's at the end). This did not help so I turned on for a different tactic. I talked him and showed a friendly love. Turned out that was exactly what he was looking for in the house...hmm...

Finally a quote by Andrew Loog Oldham:

Stars must be killers, always striking first and fast. They have to be totally obsessed and paranoid about this year's vision of themselves that it's beyond obsession - it's reality, logical and natural. There is no remorse when they kill, no regrets when they pimp and no shame when they whore."

Friday, June 03, 2005

Yesterday / Today


Eyes, the mirror of soul
cryes, for me to be
that's what they say
that is the way

Expression, the moment of
the truth, crawls inside
killing me and twisting
my spine into a misfit

In my space, come inside
is a light of tomorrow
Open up and
you'll understand

Eyes, open up today
life, is no more gray
It is simple don't you know
now my feelings flow

Look into me
and you will see
that there is no lies
I say it with my eyes

After the light
is revealed to me
Now I found what I've
been searching for

Yesterday I died
Today I'm born again